BucksVision launched the Paralympic Sport of Goalball at Stoke Mandeville Stadium on Saturday with over 60 people who were visually impaired and sighted taking part. This amazing Paralympic Sport was created to rehabilitate war veterans after WW2 and is now played throughout the world and will be featured at the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020. Goalball is an inclusive sport for all ages with or without sight. The game is played with raised markings on the floor, everyone wears blindfolds used to ensure an even playing field as players locate the ball through the sound of a bell.

In the past four years alone, participation of Goalball has increased by 425%. Significant funding from Sport England topping £1.5m has allowed for the sport to expand further with the Stoke Mandeville Stadium becoming the latest club location. Unlike many disability sports, Goalball offers players the opportunity to progress from amateur to professional player in a remarkably short space of time. Goalball UK run the sport and are looking to increase interest in this inclusive sport.

On Saturday the Great British Goalball Team led the session and also gave a demonstration of Goalball at elite level. We were also delighted to be helped by several community champions from Tesco, Tring Road, Aylesbury, who provided snacks and refreshments.

The plan now is to set up the Bucks Goalball Club and more information can be found at and