Over 50 Patrons, Friends and other distinguished guests attended the official launch of the Elisabeth Frink Exhibition on Saturday, February 10th at Bucks County Museum. Lord Howe, Chairman of Patrons officially opened the exhibition saying “Bucks County Museum is ahead of the rest of the nation in celebrating the 25th anniversary since Frink’s death and the 40th anniversary of the Milton Keynes horse outside Lloyds Bank which inspired this exhibition this is a world class exhibition celebrating the work of one of the most iconic female artists of the 20th Century.”

Jo Baring, curator of the Ingram Collection of Modern British Art explained some of the influences on Frink’s work including her experiences as a child during the Second World War and the interest in Amnesty International. The sculptures on display show much of the method to build them including the imprint of hessian to build up the body of the Riace Warrior and even Frink’s finger prints! The last time she was shown at a National gallery was 1985 which was the Royal Academy.

Jo Baring is giving a lecture on Frink on March 21st and tickets are £7.50 from the Museum ticket entrance or on line from the web site. The exhibition has several sculptures, as well as prints and drawings and even has a family friendly activity area where you can draw like Frink or write your own label to interpret her work. Museum Director Sue Shave said “ Bucks County Museum is very proud to have an exhibition of this quality showing in Aylesbury for our local community. We are very keen to give everyone the chance to experience great art and to help visitors to explore their reactions to what they see in the exhibition. We also want to hear about anyone spotting Frink works in public around the country!” The last time she was shown at a National gallery was 1985 which was the Royal Academy.