After the Sunday Combination closed in 2016 after 42 years there has been no Men's Sunday Football in Aylesbury bar two teams playing in neighbouring leagues travelling 15-20 miles most weeks to play football. A few keen local enthusiasts are on a mission and a Brand New League the "Aylesbury Sunday League" has been created, a new Committee set up and 8 teams so far very interested in setting up. With assistance financially and administratively available the League is on the search for more new teams. A later Kick off time for 11am is planned to help teams get their players together Costs for pitches and Referees will be assisted; - block bookings and central facilities will be used and booked for you as will your Referee. Even help with equipment and footballs will be made available. It should be as simple as register and affiliate your team pre-season then gather your players and the necessary signing on fee and weekly subs to get through a season and turn up to games. Whether you are an existing team, a new team or a player / group of friends wanting to find a time the League is interested in helping you enjoy football locally. For more information please email for more information.

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